Why You Should Hire a TV Installation Company

  You just bought the latest and greatest television model on the market, full of stellar new features and boasting an incredible design. The last thing you should do is stick that sleek, modern television on a bulky, outdated, and overcrowded entertainment center with hideous cords bulging out the back. Protect your devices, enjoy your Read More

The Hang Plus – TV Installation Package

The Hang Plus – TV Installation Package – $199 Includes: Installation of the customer provided mount Mounting and securing of 37 to 60 inch TV Connection of up to 4 components Concealment of wires from TV to equipment Walk through of the TV set up and network 30 day warranty on labor Why choose this package? Read More

The Many Benefits of TV Mounting

Television has come a long way since its inception, along the heavy and boxy TVs of the past. Now with the convenience and clean aesthetic of TV mounting, you will never need to look at ugly cords, take up precious living space to accommodate your TV, or worry about the stability of your television again. Read More

Remove the Hassle With a TV Mounting Company

When you get a new television, it may not be immediately clear what installing it will involve. Some aspects are simple, but others are not so simple. With coordinating several media devices, getting each to work individually and with the others, not to mention the physical labor, it starts to become clear that it is Read More

Creative Ideas for Mounting Your TV

Mounting your flat screen TV is never an easy task. There are so many options to consider and plans to make. If you are not handy, it can be even more difficult. This is exactly why professional TV installers are available. They can help you to make the difficult decision and get the work done Read More

Top Three Things to Know Before Mounting Your Television

You just purchased a brand new television and you are eager to begin the installation process. Before you begin, careful planning will help you achieve the best outcome. Here are the top three things to think about when mounting a TV.   Design   If you are using a television in your living area, you Read More

Two Tips On Where to Mount Your TV

When mounting your TV, you should think about the placement briefly before choosing a spot. The general spot is not always the best placement option. Comfort is a big factor that should be taken into consideration when making your decision. Here are two things to consider when deciding where to mount your TV: