What TV Installers Can Do For You

When you get a new TV, there are a few decisions that need to be made. Deciding how to install your new electronics is an important step. While it is possible to do it yourself, this can create some problems. Wires can get crossed and things can get damaged or broken when you try to Read More

Why Audio Installation is Better Left for the Pros

Before A/V receivers came with an auto-setup system, they required people to read a manual and take out the tape measure to get their speakers set up. You can imagine the frustration this process caused people and it led many people to ultimately return the product. The auto-setup system has made the process easier but Read More

Home Audio Installation – How to Avoid the Rat’s Nest

Home audio installation can be a lot more complex than one imagines. It is a simple matter to purchase a kit, bring it home, and then follow the directions to get a working system. However, after a while, home owners come to experience some dissatisfaction in several areas, including:   How the system looks Problems Read More

Installing Home Electronics in Earthquake Country

Installing home electronics can be a complex venture. Simply installing a new television can present issues that are not readily apparent, including:   Where should the television go? Is it necessary to get an entertainment center, or to consider mounting the unit directly to a wall? What is the best way to deal with all Read More