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Frequently Asked Questions

With our wire concealment option, our professional installers will hide your wiring inside your wall, creating a graceful floating TV effect.

The best answer to this common problem is to consolidate your remotes into a universal remote programmed on site by our professionals.

Choosing the correct bracket and wire is imperative to a successful installation. After an assessment of your equipment, room, and goals, we will recommend the correct TV bracket that fits your needs.

Our long standing expertise in the field means we can advise and install just about anything you can dream up. If you need help deciding on which bracket to get, we’re here for you. From fixed mounts to articulating mounts, we offer a way to hang any TV in any location.

Connecting or reconnecting your equipment can be a daunting task in and of itself. Once it’s all connected controlling it shouldn’t be a painful reminder of its complexity. That’s why Just Hang also offers equipment hookup and customized universal remote control options.

We take the hassle out of managing wires and enable you to control your devices the way you actually want to control them. We believe in a simple control solution, so you can get down to simply enjoying what you have, and not waste any time being frustrated with remotes or buttons.

Just Hang is licensed, bonded, and fully insured to put your mind at ease. Our installations start at just $50.00 and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

No. It is an electrical fire hazard. We offer the option of adding a power outlet behind the TV to keep the power cord free from sight, while maintaining safety.

No. We offer I.R. Kits which enable you to use your existing remote controls without the hassle of “line of sight.”

Once your TV is on the wall; add sophistication with professional wire concealment and power. With options to add a power receptacle behind the TV and hide the wiring for the TV inside the wall, your room will look elegant and modern while you enjoy a truly immersive TV viewing experience.

Just Hang doesn’t stop at immaculate TV installations. We offer professional grade audio hookup and in ceiling speaker installation with all wire included.

All of our Audio installations are calibrated after connection, to ensure you a truly accurate surround sound experience at a level you’re comfortable with. After all what better way to fully enjoy a floating HD picture than to fully immerse yourself in properly calibrated surround sound!

If a full surround sound system isn’t feasible for your situation,Just Hang also offers Sound Bar installations as an alternative for smaller rooms or the casual enthusiast.

We offer several different lengths of HDMI cables so “tight fits” or sometimes worse “extra slack” aren’t ever an issue. Our HDMI cables are V2.0, Ultra-Fast full 1080P capable and even support 4K resolution; so you can be sure that every time you press that power button, you’re experiencing the best quality possible.