The Hang Plus – TV Installation Package

The Hang Plus – TV Installation Package – $199 Includes: Installation of the customer provided mount Mounting and securing of 37 to 60 inch TV Connection of up to 4 components Concealment of wires from TV to equipment Walk through of the TV set up and network 30 day warranty on labor Why choose this package? Read More

Hulu and Netflix on TV Show Release Schedules

Hulu and Netflix are at a disagreement when it comes to the topic of simultaneously releasing all episodes of an original TV show. Netflix has made it clear that they think this is a good method of releasing TV shows but Hulu is yet to jump on board. Craig Erwich, executive of Hulu, prefers the traditional Read More

The Many Benefits of TV Mounting

Television has come a long way since its inception, along the heavy and boxy TVs of the past. Now with the convenience and clean aesthetic of TV mounting, you will never need to look at ugly cords, take up precious living space to accommodate your TV, or worry about the stability of your television again. Read More

Top Three Ways a Smart TV Is Going to Save Your Life

If you are looking for a solution that can help you stay in touch with friends and family around the world, have better parties, all while staying in shape, consider having a smart TV installed in your home. Here are three ways that having a smart TV in your home can make you healthier and Read More

Why Audio Installation is Better Left for the Pros

Before A/V receivers came with an auto-setup system, they required people to read a manual and take out the tape measure to get their speakers set up. You can imagine the frustration this process caused people and it led many people to ultimately return the product. The auto-setup system has made the process easier but Read More

Mounting the Appliance: An Essential Part of Home TV Installation

Buying a television is a very exciting opportunity, but many people get so caught up in brand names and features that they forget about the more practical parts of home TV installation, such as securely mounting the appliance in the home. Hanging the TV on the Wall Saves Space If your abode is very small Read More

How to Use a TV in the Office

With the constant stream of new technology, it is hard for any workplace to keep up. There are countless ways to improve productivity, and many employers are constantly searching for the next big thing. If you want to improve your ability to connect with your employees, run meetings and set up a shared network, then Read More

Connecting Your Windows Computer to the TV

Many computers can hook up to TVs to provide a much larger display and this can be useful for something such as giving a presentation. Below are steps to take when connecting your windows computer to your TV.   Determine which type of cord you need to connect your computer and TV. The three main connectors Read More

Remove the Hassle With a TV Mounting Company

When you get a new television, it may not be immediately clear what installing it will involve. Some aspects are simple, but others are not so simple. With coordinating several media devices, getting each to work individually and with the others, not to mention the physical labor, it starts to become clear that it is Read More